The Greater Kingsport Kennel Club, Inc.

Standing Rules

Standing Rules as defined by Robert’s Rules of Order
Standing rules are rules (1) which are related to the details of the administration of a society rather than to parliamentary procedure, and (2) which can be adopted or changed upon the same condition as any ordinary act of the society. An example might be one setting the hour at which meetings are to begin, or one relating to the maintenance of a guest register. Standing rules generally are not adopted at the time a society is organized, but individually if and when the need arises. Like special rules of order, standing rules may be printed under a separate heading in the booklet containing the bylaws, and in such a case, any enacting words such as “Resolved That” should be dropped. A standing rule can be adopted by a majority vote at any business meeting without previous notice. Although such a rule remains in effect until rescinded or amended, it does not bind future sessions if a majority desires to suspend it temporarily for the duration of a particular session. (Robert’s Rules of Order 1990 edition)

1. Club will have logo embossed catalogs.
Rescinded 03-28-2011 Angie Crabtree, Recording Secretary

2. The club logo will be the State of Tennessee with a paw print. .There will be two circles around the state. The colors are green and white.
Changed on 09-22-14 Rhonda Gibbs, Corresponding Secretary

3. Members will pay $1.00 or more per brag with the proceeds going toward payment for Show trophies into the GKKC general fund.

Changed 03-28-2011 Angie Crabtree, Recording Secretary
Changed 01-23-2017 Rhonda Gibbs, Board Member

4. Club will be a member of the Dog Owner’s Association.

Rescinded 09-22-08 Angie Crabtree, Recording Secretary

5. Club will have a library of printed and media materials available for its members. The Second Vice President will be in charge. The materials will be kept in the GKKC storage building.
Changed 01-23-2017 Rhonda Gibbs, Board Member

6. Club members will be informed who is judging our shows as soon as they are approved.
Rescinded 03-28-2011 Angie Crabtree, Recording Secretary

7. There is a budget of $600.00 for the B-OB Match.

Changed 03-28-2011 Angie Crabtree, Recording Secretary

8. Members who work 4 hours at a show will receive a free lunch. Replaced with Rule # 28.
Rescinded 03-28-2011 Angie Crabtree, Recording Secretary

9. $200.00 will be budgeted for the Vet at our Spring Show.

Rescinded 11-28-2016 Rhonda Gibbs, Board Member

10. Club AKC Delegate is to serve 5 years. The club is to pay transportation, meals, and lodging. Delegate is to be as frugal as possible.

11. We will hold our meeting at the Appalachian Fairgrounds.

12. A storage building will be rented for the club.

13. First Place dogs in obedience at the Spring Show will be given a rosette.

14. Obedience Instructors for classes will be paid $30.00 per level class or $240.00 for the entire session. Obedience Instructors must have a minimum of a CD on a dog to teach.

Changed 01-28-2008 Angie Crabtree, Recording Secretary

15. The cost of the classes will be $30.00 for conformation and $50.00 for obedience determined and set by the training coordinator and approved by the Board.  Members who work a minimum of 4 hours at the BOB match or the Show will receive free classes otherwise they are full price.  A certificate showing number of hours worked must be presented when signing up for classes.
Changed 01-28-2008 Angie Crabtree, Recording Secretary
Rescinded 03-28-2011 Angie Crabtree, Recording Secretary

16. Club Members are eligible to attend up to two seminars a year and the club will reimburse up to $200.00 per seminar for lodging, fees, and transportation. Prior Board approval is required. Original receipts must be turned in and a program must be given to the club the same year. Only 6 seminars a year will be paid for and they will be awarded on a first come first serve basis.
Changed 01-23-2017 Rhonda Gibbs, Board Member

17. Membership dues will be $15.00 for individuals and $20.00 for a family.

18. $1000.00 will be donated to the Canine Health Foundation in December of each year.

Rescinded 01-23-2017 Rhonda Gibbs, Board Member

19. There will be $3,000.00 scholarship given each year to a University of Tennessee Veterinary student from this area.
Rescinded 01-23-2017 Rhonda Gibbs, Board Member

20. The rabies certificate required for participation in training classes must be from a vet.

21. The club is to purchase trophies for our match each year.

22. The club will donate seven shipments of 600 lbs. of dog food to the Kingsport Animal Shelter each year.  That is 600 lbs. every other month with one discretionary shipment.

Changed 01-28-2008 Angie Crabtree, Recording Secretary

Rescinded 05-25-2009 Angie Crabtree, Recording Secretary

23. The board has $500.00 in discretionary fund to use for emergency welfare of dogs.

24. The current president, both vice presidents, and the treasurer are to be added to the checking account signature card within 30 days of taking office.

Changed 06-27-2016 Rhonda Gibbs, Board Member

25. The newsletter is to be emailed to the members unless it is requested by USPS mail.
Changed 03-28-2011 Angie Crabtree, Recording Secretary

26. The club is to obtain liability insurance for the shows and liability insurance for the board.
Changed 01-23-2017 Rhonda Gibbs, Board Member

27. A board member who has 3 unexcused absences (no phone call or email advising that they are unable to attend) will have an inquiry made as to their ability to serve. A board member must attend 50% of the club meetings or an inquiry will be made.

28. Club members and non-members who work 4 hours at the show will be fed lunch.

29. Club members and volunteers who work 4 or more hours at a show or match will be given a certificate for each 4 hours worked. Effective with the Spring 2010 Training Classes, the certificates may be used as follows: 1 Certificate for an 8-week Conformation Class and/or 2 Certificates for a 6-week Obedience Class (1 Certificate equals ½ of the cost for the Obedience class.)
Changed 02-05-2009 Angie Crabtree, Recording Secretary

30. Club money is to be turned into the treasurer no more than 10 days after it is received.

31. No club funds will be comingled with personal funds, and no personal funds will be comingled with club funds.

Approved 04/24/2017

32.  Documentation must be retained for each check written (e.g. invoice, receipt, completed check request).  Check request or invoice must be approved by committee member or board member if over $100.00.

Approved 04/24/2017

33.  The cash control report will be utilized for cash taken in at shows (e.g. matches, gate, raffles, etc.).

Approved 04/24/2017

34.  A member, who is designated by the board annually, without bank access (and is not related to, married to, or resides with GKKC member with bank access), will reconcile the checkbook and all bank statements, i.e., Raymond James and First TN, monthly. (Reconciler- currently Kim Williams).  Approved 05/22/17

35.  Bank statements will only be mailed to the GKKC PO Box, NEVER to a residence address.

Approved 05/22/17

36.  The bank statements will be provided to the reconciler unopened.  Approved 05/22/17

37.  No one can write a check to himself or herself.  Approved 05/22/17


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